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10/26/10 03:25 PM #1    

Judy Wieberg (Greven)

Welcome to the Southside High School Class Of 1966 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/19/22 04:56 PM #2    


Garry Sherman

Doug Hicks has died on June 15, 2022. Age 74 via Stroke

06/20/22 07:17 PM #3    

Keith Fuller

Sorry to hear about Doug Hicks.  He was a good friend.  I remember him from Footlighters.

03/19/24 01:05 PM #4    

James (Jim) Fairbrother

Is anyone planning to go to the total eclipse zone on April 8th? I was going to fly to Elmira, rent a car, then drive to Rochester, where my Uncle Tom lives. But there are no rental cars available, anywhere in upstate NY. Be forewarned (judging from my experience in Nebraska in the 2017 eclipae), there will be the worst traffic jam ever, even on country roads. My neighbor said there will be a lot of noise from cicadas since this is their year. Actually there are two groups of cicadas this year, a once-in-221-years occurrence. 

03/20/24 11:42 AM #5    


James Carleton

My wife and I drove up to Charleston, NC for the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017. We were at Shim Creek in Mount Pleasant  while they played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. When the eclipse happened it got eerily quiet. The bugs and animals were totally quiet. I doubt you'll hear the cicadas until it is over. It's a bucket list thing and a good reason to party.

03/21/24 10:28 AM #6    

James (Jim) Fairbrother

There was an eclipse in 1959, I think, but I recall it as if i was in 2nd or 3rd grade. Anyway, the morning sun was just peeking over the horizon. My dad had given me photo negatives to safely view the eclipse, he was an astronomy buff, always in the back yard star-gazing at the planets and moon with his telescopes.

The morning sky was brightening, then it started getting darker again as the totality began, and then it quickly regained brightness. I called my big sister to the back porch, but she was wrapped up with Elvis on WENY. Both parents had already gone to work at the "Eclipse" LOL (the factory in Elmira Heights). At the bus stop, nobody knew what I was talking about "An 'eclipse' What's that?" At The Coldbrook School, the teacher gave me a figurative pat on the head and made a couple of remarks to the class.although she was surprised anyone even noticed it. I always think of that day as "The Day with 2 Sunrises."   

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